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'Working with Strengths' was published in May 2014 as a comprehensive resource for reviewing the literature and reflecting on strengths-based practice as applied to people in contact with services, as well as the strengths-focused development of practitioners, teams and organisations. It draws on the wider business literature as well as health and social care references to broaden the applicability of the ideas.

'Risk Decision-Making' was published in 2013 to help shift the focus from a tick-box culture to the realities of what good practice should be about. The manual and cd-rom provide the resources that should engage senior management in organisations, as well as the practitioners and multidisciplinary teams.

June 2007 saw the publication of the Working With Risk Trainers Manual and Practitioner Manual through Pavilion Publishing. The Trainers Manual provides a flexible two-day training programme, with the option of using any of the individual sessions as stand-alone training resources. The Practitioner Manual provides a set of practice-based risk tools with supporting guidance on how and when to use each. These materials also aim to discuss some of the wider risk issues and identify a key part of current research and literature. The practice-based tools are also supported by completed case examples.

  • The Art of Co-ordinating Care: A Handbook of Best Practice for Everyone Involved in Care and Support
    The Art of Co-ordinating Care: A Handbook of Best Practice for Everyone Involved in Care and Support

    Jointly written by Practice Based Evidence & ARW, this resource is of importance to everyone in mental health, social care and learning disability services, including primary care.

  • Assertive Outreach: A Strengths Approach to Policy and Practice
    Assertive Outreach: A Strengths Approach to Policy and Practice

    Primarily aimed at developing assertive outreach, but its focus on a strengths approach is applicable to all parts of the mental health system.

Steve Morgan


A Brief Biography


Qualified in Town & Country Planning at the University of Manchester in 1979; working in local government with Lincoln City Council Planning Department for 4 years.

Qualified in Occupational Therapy at Oxford in 1986. Worked initially as an Occupational Therapist in in-patient and community settings, subsequently as a Case Manager in multidisciplinary community teams. Clinical experience is entirely in inner city areas of London (Tower Hamlets, Hackney and North Southwark).

In addition to clinical work, experience of community team management, involving supervision of senior clinical staff. Participated in a number of voluntary agency committees concerned with residential and alcohol issues.

Joined the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, Practice Development & Training section, initially in a split post from July 1995, and as a full-time post from January 1997. Special interests are ‘A Strengths Approach’, ‘Positive Risk-Taking’, ‘Assertive Outreach’ and ‘Support & Supervision’.

Gained an M.A. in ‘Practice Development in Mental Health’ in 1998, with the National Centre for Work Based Learning at Middlesex University.

Left the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health in October 2001 to establish a practice development consultancy, to support individual and team clinical practice.

Expanded the consultancy from 2011 to include working with the Royal College of Psychiatrists Home Treatment Teams and Community Mental Health Teams Accreditation Schemes, as a peer reviewer and committee member.

Expanded the consultancy work to include acquired brain injury case management, working for Neuro Health Case Management Services (2013-16) and Westcountry Case Management Ltd from December 2015.

Widely published, for a comprehensive list of articles, chapters, training materials and other work written by Steve see this list of publications.

Additional developments have included a blog from 2013, podcast show from 2014, and YouTube training videos and 'Positive Risk-Taking' Membership Site from 2017.