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'Working with Strengths' was published in May 2014 as a comprehensive resource for reviewing the literature and reflecting on strengths-based practice as applied to people in contact with services, as well as the strengths-focused development of practitioners, teams and organisations. It draws on the wider business literature as well as health and social care references to broaden the applicability of the ideas.

'Risk Decision-Making' was published in 2013 to help shift the focus from a tick-box culture to the realities of what good practice should be about. The manual and cd-rom provide the resources that should engage senior management in organisations, as well as the practitioners and multidisciplinary teams.

June 2007 saw the publication of the Working With Risk Trainers Manual and Practitioner Manual through Pavilion Publishing. The Trainers Manual provides a flexible two-day training programme, with the option of using any of the individual sessions as stand-alone training resources. The Practitioner Manual provides a set of practice-based risk tools with supporting guidance on how and when to use each. These materials also aim to discuss some of the wider risk issues and identify a key part of current research and literature. The practice-based tools are also supported by completed case examples.

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Practice Based Evidence commenced business in October 2001. Promoting the value of the messages from service users, carers and practitioners experiences. These are often marginalised by the emphasis placed on research.


  • The Art of Co-ordinating Care: A Handbook of Best Practice for Everyone Involved in Care and Support
    The Art of Co-ordinating Care: A Handbook of Best Practice for Everyone Involved in Care and Support

    Jointly written by Practice Based Evidence & ARW, this resource is of importance to everyone in mental health, social care and learning disability services, including primary care.

  • Assertive Outreach: A Strengths Approach to Policy and Practice
    Assertive Outreach: A Strengths Approach to Policy and Practice

    Primarily aimed at developing assertive outreach, but its focus on a strengths approach is applicable to all parts of the mental health system.

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A new way of doing things

We are in a digital age, so it is about time we got risk practice and training out of an analogue world. By this I don't mean more forms to be filling in, I am offering a new opportunity for how practitioners are supported in going about day-to-day best practice. The software packages for documenting and auditing information will remain, but I believe they do little for informing and guiding best practice, focusing as they do on documenting the administrative requirements of an organisation's approach to risk assessment.

We can now enable practitioners to access resources that will inform and guide their practice direct to smartphones, tablets or laptops. I have distilled my 30+ years of experience and 60+ publications into an online 'Positive Risk-Taking Membership Site'. Brief training videos, detailed presentations, audio podcasts, practice checklists, tools and handouts are structured into 5 modules, with an on-going wealth of bonus resources being constantly added. The modules can be worked through sequentially as training materials, or randomly dipped into for specific information. And instant access to a free training webinar introduces these resources by clicking the following link: